Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call for help in an emergency?

For dental emergencies during business hours from Monday to Saturday, please call us on 4328 4581 so that we can assist. Please check our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on our hours of operation.

We will fit emergency cases between our scheduled appointments.

For dental emergencies after hours, please call Gosford Hospital’s Emergency Department on 4320 2111.

Pain relief may be administered or prescribed at hospital.

Jaw fractures can be managed by the hospital, with referral of any dental emergencies to an oral surgeon or general practitioner the following day.


How do I deal with a fractured tooth?

Retain any parts of the tooth you can and store them in saline to keep them moist.

If you do not have access to saline, milk is the second-best option.

Do not store the teeth in water.

Time is critical, so please contact the relevant service as listed above as soon as possible.


What do I do with a tooth that’s been knocked out?

If possible, after gently rinsing it with saline, replant the tooth into the gum straight away.

This needs to be done within 30 minutes to give the tooth best chance of survival.

Try to avoid touching the root of the tooth – this is the yellow part.

If the tooth can’t be replanted, place it in a container – preferably in saline, or milk as a second-best option – so the tooth doesn’t dry out.

Do not store the tooth in water.


Feeling nervous or looking for the personal touch?

Anaesthesia options

Feeling a little nervous about visiting the dentist? At Renwick Dental, we know that many people can get anxious about an upcoming dental appointment.

Whether it’s your first time and you’re not sure of what to expect, or if you’ve had a negative experience in the past, please rest assured that we can help to make sure your experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

If you’re feeling anxious about coming in for a dentist appointment, please get in touch with us so that we can discuss suitable strategies to help.

Find out more about our Relative and General Anaesthesia options.

Personalised Treatment Plans

At Renwick Dental, we realise every patient is a unique individual, and no two sets of teeth are ever the same.

Find out how our Personalised Treatment Plans can offer you the ultimate dental experience.